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Cenex-LCV and Cenex-CAM Event Themes and Seminar Programme

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The twin themes for this years combined Cenex-LCV and Cenex-CAM events are:

  • the Low Carbon Vehicle Transition to Net Zero
  • an Automated Connected Electric and Shared (ACES) Future of Mobility

The seminar programme for this year’s event will combine low carbon vehicle, connected automated mobility and energy for transport themes. It will report on the technology, policy and market trends that are driving forward market transformation, as well as the research and industrialisation that will help ensure a competitive motor industry supply chain in the UK.

As in previous years, it will be developed through the combination of invited speakers and through an expression of interest process. The expression of interest programme is open to UK and international organisations thereby helping ensure the seminar programme has the latest insights from a broad range of expert speakers.

The mantra for the Cenex Events programme is to showcase “best of current” and provide expert thought leadership on “What Next?”

The “best of current” involves the sharing of latest results from research projects, as well as new product launches.

For “What Next?” we are keen to provide a platform for both current and future leaders, from with the technology developer, end user and the policy communities, to share insights as to the challenges and opportunities linked to the Transition to Net Zero and the concurrent transition to an Automated Connected Electric and Shared (ACES) future of mobility.

Our timescales include the current run in to the phase out of internal combustion engines from 2030, and on to the longer-term policy goal of Net Zero by 2050.

As with the low carbon vehicle Transition to Net Zero, we are looking for presentations covering technology, market and policy developments in the UK and in international markets. In this way our seminar programme can capture both near term challenges and opportunities, showcase latest innovations, progress in the market, new announcements, and road mapping insights on future needs.

The following themes are:

Please click on the boxes below to find out more information about each area.

Deadline for submissions: Friday 27th May 2022

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