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Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2019 Sponsors

Cenex-LCV2019 Seminar Themes

Organisations are invited to submit expressions of interest to present at the Cenex-LCV2019 seminar programme. The seminar programme will be thematic in nature with speakers selected primarily through the Expression of Interest process supplemented by speakers receiving direct invitations from the Cenex-LCV management team.

You are invited to submit your Expression of Interest by the 24th May 2019 by completing the submission form, which can be accessed through this link.

Presentations within the main seminar programme will be delivered using PowerPoint. There is no requirement to submit a full technical paper.

The information provided on the form will be used to assess and select presenters and presentations to create an attractive and balanced seminar programme in line with the key themes of Cenex-LCV event.

The submission form includes a request for:

  • a clearly identified presentation title
  • an abstract of the presentation
  • speaker’s name, title and organisation
  • relevant contact details

The presenters will be chosen by the Cenex-LCV management team with the seminar programme to be published in July. Speakers may be contacted during the review period with questions of clarification. The decision to accept or decline or request modifications will be made by the Cenex-LCV management team and will be final with no recourse to appeal.

The following sections provide an overview of themes for which presentations are being requested for the Cenex-LCV seminar programme..

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