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The LowCVP, which was established in 2003, is a public-private partnership working to accelerate a sustainable shift to lower carbon vehicles and fuels and create opportunities for UK business.

Around 200 organisations are engaged from diverse backgrounds including automotive and fuel supply chains, vehicle users, academics, environment groups and others.

The LowCVP

  • Develops initiatives to promote the sale and supply of low carbon vehicles and fuels
  • Provides input and advice on Government policy
  • Provides a forum for stakeholders to share knowledge and information
  • Ensures that UK motor, fuel and related businesses are best placed to capitalise on the opportunities in the low carbon markets of the future
  • Contributes to the achievement of UK Government targets for road transport carbon reduction

LowCVP members have the opportunity to:

  • Connect: With privileged access to information, you’ll gain insight into low carbon vehicle policy development and into the policy process.
  • Collaborate: You’ll benefit from many opportunities to work – and network - with key UK and EU government, industry, NGO and other stakeholders
  • Influence: You’ll be able to initiate proposals and help to shape future low carbon vehicle policy, programmes and regulations

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LowCVP Members provide input into the annual work programme, helping the Government to deliver its low carbon transport strategy. The activities of the Partnership are taken forward through five working groups and overseen by the Members Council and LowCVP Board.

The LowCVP has delivered a wide range of achievements including the colour-coded environment label for new cars, sustainability accreditation for biofuels and policy instruments to accelerate the update of buses, trucks and other vehicle types.

The Partnership runs a comprehensive range of communication activities including the well-established annual conference. You can subscribe to the LowCVP's FREE monthly newsletter to keep up to date with the very latest in low carbon road transport activities.

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